Graduate Student: 左惟中 Wei-Chung Zhou, 2011.

Hey, everybody my name is Wei-Chung Zhou, I Study in Chung Yuan Christian University I’m pleased to introduce myself and experimental economic here. I trust you will face a new realm in economic in the experimental economic. In experimental economic, we try to play games to prove the economic theorem and phenomenon and use some motivating factors of human nature that to reaches our experimental purpose. Perhaps we gain the data is difficult than other classmates but we gain the knowledge is more than another classmates. What I joint laboratory because I gain the economic innovation. However, what department you major in, We welcome to you join us if you interest in economic.

我叫左惟中,就讀中原國貿所,感謝楊老師及江老師的提拔,對於本應打算休學的我,又拉拔了我回來,讓我對於研究所的真諦有了進一步的了解,在就讀國貿所之前,對於經濟學的我來說是相當害怕的,但是自從接觸到實驗經濟學之後,讓我漸漸的發現原來經濟學不只是數學的推演記算,也不單單只是我們所看到匯率,物價,透過實驗的方式加入不同學門的概念使得經濟學更為靈活。 實驗經濟學是一個相當創新的學門,利用不同的遊戲設計或是實驗設計的方式去預測人類的行為對於經濟理論的解釋,而對於這樣的設計雖過程艱辛,但也相對的提供了在思維上更多的創新,不只是在學術上的應用,對於未來畢業後想就業的我,也提供了更靈活的訓練。在此,真的很希望大家一起加入我們,與我們分享更多的創新。


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