Behavioral and Economic Experimental Clouding Laboratory

Lab Faculty Members

Dr. Yi-Nung Yang

Dr. Yi-Nung Yang

Dr. C. C. Chiang

Dr. C. C. Chiang

We have developed an innovative experimental  software platform that allows easy implementation of behavioral  and economic experiments over the internet. It is named “POWEBE” (Platform of Web-based Economic and Behavioral Experiments). The POWEBE has been online since 2008 and has conducted many different types of behavioral  and economic experiments  on the web at National Taiwan University (NTU) and Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU). The POWEBE is now hosted in the department of International Business, Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), Taiwan. In 2010, Prof. Yi-Nung Yang and C. C. Chiang decided to co-initiate this “Behavioral and Economic Experimental Clouding Lab” (BEECL).

We added the word, “Cloulding,” is because we so far have no physical facilities for our lab due to lack of space and budget. The experiments conducted before were all in regular computer labs.

The Department is therefore welcome in talking with potential donors who may have an interest in helping  us to establish the BEECL  as a leading lab in Taiwan.  Those interested are encouraged to contact the Chair, Yi-Nung Yang,  of the Department of International Business, CYCU.

Email: yinung@cycu.edu.tw

Tel: +886 3 2655200

Fax: +886 3 2655299

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