POWEBE (Platform of Web-based Economic and Behavioral Experiments)

The BEECL uses a web-based software platform (developed by Yi-Nung Yang, Associate Professor, Department of International Business, Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan.) for conducting economic and behavioral experiments  The platform is designed to allow experimenters to run economic/behavioral experiments via usual world-wide-web browsers of networked computers. No additional installation of software is required on users’ side (either for experimenters or subjects).

We adopt a “script” approach to let experimenters more easily build and fine-tune their design of experiments. A script composed of commands can run the desired experiments with flexible control of experimental flow and designed treatments.

This platform is still under developing. But we have successfully conducted many experiments such as the Newsvendor games, Online-Auction games, duolopy and monopoly games. Details about this platform are upon request from Yi-Nung Yang via yinung@cycu.edu.tw.

Some selected screenshots of the POWEBE are shown below.

Administrator Interface

Screenshot-Mozilla Firefox-3

POWEBE Script Language

Screenshot-Mozilla Firefox-4

User Interface


Screenshots of Experiments

image Screenshot-Mozilla Firefox-8 

Output of Experimental Results

Screenshot-Mozilla Firefox-6

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