Graduate Student: 張哲維 Che-Wei Chung, 2011.

My name is Che-Wei Chung, a graduate student studying in the department of international business, Chung Yuan Christian University.

Here, we have a bright group which research in Experimental Economics, in which the appraoch is different from those adopted by other graduate students who analyze traditionally, which find out a topic, and then look for the data, use the econometric method to prove the theory, finally make a conclusion.

In fact, we prove a question or theory by experiments, and expect that could match the behavior of human beings as possible as we can. It might allow me to learn how to predict human behavior in the future business. For me, the most interesting thing is that I can not only figure out the knowledge of economics, but also design a kind of experiments by myself. We can learn from the game. If you are interested in that, of course, welcome to join us.

我叫張哲維,就讀中原大學,國際經營與貿易學系,碩士生。在進入研究所一段時間後,曾經思考過研究論文的價值性(自己所寫)。對我而言,因為畢業後想進入職場,而非繼續升學,對我有幫助的,除了訓練自己解決問題以及面對困難的態度之外,論文本身帶給我的價值或許不大。然而楊主任與江老師的實驗經濟團隊卻替我解決了這個問題。有別以往的傳統論文寫作,Vernon L. Smith(1989) 曾說過「實驗經濟不只是解釋一個事實或一個理論,更重要的是為了追求預測人類未來的行為。」仔細想想,如果我能學習這種解決方式,或許能夠為我的雇主解決許多問題。因此我毅然決然加入這個團隊。並且期望自己能夠為此團隊獻上一份微薄的貢獻。在此,也衷心希望有興趣的同學能夠參與這個團隊。


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