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Rethinking Marketing and Insights: Behavioral Economics Immersion

source: Executive Education at Yale This three-day program is taught by distinguished faculty fellows of Yale’s Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) who have collaborated with industry leaders to develop a rigorous, hands-on curriculum grounded in a behavioral economics framework that produces results.   Curriculum DAY 1: The Foundations of Behavioral Economics A hidden system of […]

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Free z-Tree course, University of Konstanz, March 2 – 4

Dear all, Urs Fischbacher, Irenaeus Wolff, and I will offer a course in Programming with z-Tree at the University of Konstanz from March 2 to 4, 2015. The course is free of charge. To register, please contact our secretary Madeleine Hafner ((madeleine.hafner() Places are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. No […]


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教案分享: 獨佔市場定價實驗

Author: 楊奕農 Yi-Nung Yang 中原大學國際經營與貿易學系 Date: Aug 15, 2013 ver. 0.9 教案摘要 擁有市場獨佔地位的廠商,經常被描述成為了累積巨大財富,剝削消費者的大壞蛋,這主要是由於其出售的產品,讓人具有「只此一家,別無分號」的印象。 然而,獨佔廠商仍然面對負斜率的市場需求曲線,在商業運作的經濟學原理中,它的決策原則和完全競爭市場中的廠商,其實並無二致。亦即它仍是利潤極大化的追求者,在決定產量 (或價格)時,它仍是遵循邊際法則,即 MR=MC。 本教案中的實驗,是在市場需求線未知、無法進行差別定價的情境下,讓學生扮演「價格蒐尋獨佔廠商」,以嘗試錯誤的方式,在重覆回合的定價決策實驗中,找到獨佔的最適定價。 下載 投影片 PDF  : 101-2-獨佔實驗教案-ppt97-0.2-margins 教案 PDF: 101-2-獨佔市場實驗教案-v0.9 參考文獻 Güth, Werner, Peter Ockenfels, and Klaus Ritzberger. “On durable goods monopolies an experimental study of intrapersonal price competition and price discrimination over time.” Journal of Economic Psychology 16.2 (1995): […]

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ifree: 實驗經濟研究國際基金會

ifree : 「實驗經濟研究國際基金會」(International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics) 是一個專門鼓勵實驗經濟研究的組織, 每年獎勵從事實驗經濟的計畫、學者、研究生。每年資助小型實驗研究計畫: The IFREE Small Grants Program About IFREE The International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE) was inspired originally by Mary Caslin Ross and the work of Dr. Vernon L. Smith to support research and education in experimental economics. Today, IFREE remains the only […]

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2011 Taipei Workshop on Nonlinear and Complex Systems- Econophysics Modeling and Practice of Financial Market (經濟物理研習營)

  8-11 August 2011 Conference Hall, Yi-Xian Building, National Chengchi University 國立政治大學 逸仙樓 會議廳 歡迎大專院校大三以上學生 、研究生及教研人員報名參加 報名網址: (人數限制:50人 提供大台北以外學校20名學生住宿,報名截止日:100/07/31) 物理學家和經濟學家如何從金融市場數據所呈現的典型,建立基本概念與計算方法? 以及如何作模型分析以瞭解人類活動的模式對金融、政治及各種社會現象造成的影響? Topics General Introduction of Econophysics Agent-Based Models Evolutionary Game Model Risk Measurement Methods Financial Time Series Analysis Major Speakers Shu-Heng Chen(陳樹衡) Sai-Ping Li(李世炳) Johannes Voit Bing-Hong Wang(汪秉宏) Speakers David Saakian Yuo-Hsien Shiau(蕭又新) Ming-Chya Wu(吳明佳)     […]

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