ESA-announce EconApps: A New (and Free) iPad Application for Running Classroom Experiments

Hello Everyone!

Many of you have ran experiments in the classroom to teach economic principles, while others may be considering adding it to your teaching toolkit this semester.

In doing so, you had three options: (1) a paper-and-pencil experiment; (2) book a computer lab; or (3) get your students to bring their laptops (making sure they install the correct software updates).

Here is a NEW option: Checkout some iPads from your university and download EconApps!

We feel that EconApps can offer the following benefits:

  1. Easy setup for the instructor
  2. Flexible parameters to set
  3. Easy for students to learn how to use
  4. Quicker feedback than paper-and-pencil
  5. More student interaction than in a computer lab
  6. Less consumption of class time for the activity

EconApps currently has only have two modules: the public goods game and the cartel game. We plan to release a pit market game this year.

The public goods game module runs linear voluntary contributions mechanism, provision point mechanism, and provision point mechanism with backup government provision.

Student instructions and documentation can be found at: – Please add comments and suggestions for improvement through this website (or directly to me) and not on this group discussion.

Please download the app and consider running it in your classroom this semester!


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