New ORSEE version 2.2.0 out

ORSEE 是一個線上招募實驗參與的「受試者」系統…

This is just a note that there is a new version of ORSEE available, numbered 2.2.0 (beta). This version brings the software fully up to PHP5 and MySQL5 standards and adds unicode (international characters) support. Otherwise there are only a few new functions (yet), but one important one: ORSEE now allows to add customized fields in the participant profile form (which are then also automatically picked up in search forms, results, emails, statistics etc.).

You can download the new version on sourceforge:

In this new version, all changes are in the PHP code, there have been no changes made to the database structure or content. So upgrading should be particularly easy, just connecting the new software to your existing database. If you have added custom fields to your participant form and database table, just define them in the new version and you should be ready to go. Short installation/upgrade instructions are available in the release package, or here

The ORSEE documentation has been updated and moved to a wiki. Any contributions and corrections are welcome.

Please feel free to forward any bugs/error messages to the bug tracker on sourceforge (please include a description to replicate the error).

Cheers from Sydney


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